Life at a slower pace

Scatter To The Winds The Promises Of Tomorrow
Scatter To The Winds The Promises Of Tomorrow

Life At A Slower Pace

For the last several weeks the world has changed. We are staying in trying to flatten the curve. Only going out when absolutely necessary. For most of us our businesses have come to a soft trickle.

I am so thankful I can go outside. I live on 11 acres and have plenty of room to roam. I’ve been going outside a lot, walking, looking around, taking macro shots of things that I find interesting and enjoying the colors and sounds of sunrise.

This morning was exceptional! The sky, the birds, the sunshine, the smell of damp earth, yumm. As I sat on my front lanai I saw two American Goldfinch (really pretty yellow & black birds) about three feet from me. It’s not often I see them. Today they’ve been zooming around from the front yard to the back, to the bird feeder and off to a tree. What a perfect start to the day!

As artists we have to create, that’s what we do and who we are. And so we are looking for inspiration for new designs from the confines of our homes. I have been busy the last few weeks learning new things. Things I have been curious about but never took the time to pursue like wordpress.

I’ve also been back in the studio making jewelry.

What do I make? Glass and metal earrings & rings. I mainly use sterling silver and/or copper as my metal choice. I just finished a pair of stud earrings that I am in LOve with.

Like all of my work they flow to their own rhythm. I start with a basic idea, and like with this one, I hammer it out one piece at a time.

I call these, “Contemporary Rugged” I posted them on fb and this is what a friend wrote, I thought it described them perfectly.

“Forged and hammered with love,

MorningLight earrings colored like the galaxy above.

It speaks to the vastness of the creativity within.

Forged with love from beginning to end”

~Marissa Aulick

She is so right! They started as reclaimed silver that I melted into a ball, hammered into their organic shapes. Next they were filed to remove rough spots. I selected a personal favorite pair of glass cabs in an unusual size to fit the unusual shape of the metal. Then starts the silver smithing process of adding the bezel and ear post. When finished with the fire it’s off to the pickle solution.

After they received a dark patina I used my rock tumbler with a medium called, Hone & Highlight for about 6 hrs to achieve a satin finish. This was my first time using that medium. I usually just use steel shot in the tumbler but I am so glad I switched. It creates such a beautiful surface and removes the patina in all the right places. I put them back into the tumbler, this time with the steel shot to add just the right amount of shine. They came out perfect!

With boro glass cabochons you can add the metal and glass together in the steel shot. But with the Hone & Highlight medium it’s not recommended to put the glass or stone in it so I set the glass cabochon in it’s bezel after it was all done polishing.

I am going to have a hard time letting go of these. I want them for myself.

So far I have three more pair of stud earrings I am working on and hope to have them finished this week. Two in Sterling Silver and one with Copper. I might have to go make some new cabs just to have more choices. I’m not sure yet.. piece by piece, decision by decision I’ll get there. There’s really no rush and that is nice!

Kitty agrees.. take your time.. take a nap.. don’t get in a rush!

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