Morning Commute

My morning commute is one of the most peaceful times of the day. It’s spent walking around our property. We have a marked trail that goes around the edge of our cleared land forming a circle. A dog path, deer path, raccoon path, well you get the idea. All of nature here in the woods walks the trail or some portion of it.

As I walk I try to notice all the small things, interesting things. Odd Shapes. Contrasting colors. The way the sun comes through the leaves. The texture of the moss while it’s still full of morning dew. A broken dragonfly wing laying on the green grass. A fern just starting to open signifying that spring is here.

It’s these times that I gain energy and insight for the day ahead. It’s good to be out, breathe fresh air, make the heart work to pump the blood faster.

Where ever I go there are always dogs around. Today I was able to capture these two. One is mine and one is the neighbors. They are starting to get grey muzzles, showing their age, but you sure wouldn’t know how old they were by their energy levels. They love to roam, be free. Such loved pups!

This little one though.. she’ll be waiting for us on the cushy chair looking like, What’s Up?

Life with dogs is never boring. Having five that live in the house definitely keeps the laughter rolling!

And now it’s time to get started with the earrings on my work bench! Have the most Beautiful Day!

Published by MorningLightGlass

If You Want To See Things You've Never Seen Before, You Must Be Prepared To Do Things You've Never Done Before ~Graham Cooke

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