Beauty From Ashes

I belong to a group called Thriving Christian Artist. The founder, Matt, started a master class to challenge us in different ways during quarantine.

Day 1: The theme, “Beauty For Ashes” – Isa 61:3 We were asked to make a piece of art out of something we would otherwise throw away. Since I primarily work in glass and metal with a splash of paint I wasn’t sure what I would create but I felt compelled to go outside to our real live ash heap and scout around. I thought I’d be using some of the charcoal to draw with but as I collected pieces I fell in love with the shape of this burnt wood, so it went into my collection box along with some snail shells, charcoal and rocks.

When I got back into the studio and started laying the pieces out I noticed there was still a snail in it’s shell… and the shell mimicked the pattern on the burnt wood. What a find! The wood itself reminded me of a sea shell.

Photography seemed like the best way to capture the beauty that I found in both. And the black background allows their colors and patterns to be highlighted. I love finding unexpected and unusual ways to to express the joy I find in the world around me.

This guy has the most beautiful shell. It has an iridescence to it. And I love the stripe of orange color towards his head. What great texture. Who would have thought that a simple snail would be so fascinating?

And Yes, I put him back in the place I found him, unharmed

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