Diver Season – Part One

Every year in the spring and then again at the Holiday Season emerge my line of flamework glass scuba divers. I have been making diving girls and diving dudes since the 90’s when I lived on the Island of Maui.

I started making these divers for a Christmas Art Event at the Hui No’eau Visual Art Center in Makawao. If you’ve never been to the Hui your missing a beautiful adventure. It sits on the most amazing property upcountry Maui. Click the link above and go check it out.

At the time I lived just around the corner in Haiku. This was one of my favorite places to go. I took ceramic classes and body casting classes in the old stables. I loved the whole firing in a pit experience.. but back to divers..

Living on an island and being a diver myself I absolutely loved making these. If ever I lost the feeling for making them I would go jump in the water, submerge myself in the beautiful pacific ocean and feel the wonderful weightlessness to find it again. There is nothing like the sounds, feeling, sights of being completely submerged into such a dynamic world. And even though I no longer live near the ocean I make these for those whose adventures are just starting. For the dive instructor who can’t imagine another way of life. For those who want to remember that amazing vacation. For the wives who want to surprise their husband with something uniquely him. So many stories behind each one I create.

I have ready, available divers to go, listed on my website. Or I can create one for you as a custom order. The colors and the pose are determined by the client. Sometimes I’m sent a photo of the person they want to gift. Sometimes a photo of a diver from a magazine. Sometimes they like one I already have available but would like a different hair color, different fin, wet suit or mask color. All of those options you can choose.

I’m working on photographing color samples so it’s even easier to order exactly what you want.

But for now just send me a message and we’ll work it out. I usually have something very unique for you in 1-2 weeks.. sometimes sooner depending on my workload.

I leave you with a little relaxing Hawaiian Guitar Music

Check out more scuba inspiration that I post on my Pinterest page in Underwater Paradise

A Hui Hou

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