Twirly Swirly Flower Sculptures

What a summer it has been so far. I have been crazy busy in the glass studio making scuba diver girls for a large wholesale order. The temperatures here in South Carolina have been in the 90’s and my studio ranges about 104* or higher! That’s a lot of heat. My goal each day is to be ready to start sculpting between 8 or 9 am and finish about lunch time. Luckily I live by the Tyger River, its in my backyard, so the dogs and I take a swim in the middle of the day to cool off. Not a bad way to spend working hours.

I needed a play day after I finished one batch of diving girls and decided to make some twirly swirly flower sculptures. I LOve flowers. They always look so happy. Here’s a little 3 minute video I did for Instagram showing this diver and the flowers in my studio.

The Rocks are made from Densite, a very hard substance that that also pics up fine details. I’ve been working on my “River Rocks” on the side, casting, adding colors and now combining some into Cairns that will hold my sculptures. So far I’m really enjoying the process.

I still have a long day ahead of me so I will leave this right here. Lots more to come… Soon!

The flowers shown will be on my website in a few days or you can email me if your interested in one!

Have an Amazing Day!!

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