Dancing Butterflies, Cosmic Flowers Oh MY!

Sometimes playing with glass can be so mystifying. I never really know what something is going to look like until it is out of the kiln and completely cooled off and I can roll it around in my hand. For instance, the little cabochons I made this week for the jewelry designers. Sometimes I mix colors, heat them, implode the colors to create what should be the most spectacular design only to find out the next morning that it was a dud.

But then there are those that as soon as I pull them out of the kiln they take my breath away. That was the case with every cabochon I created this week. The reds seemed brighter. The pink pinkier. The purple galaxies did not disappoint.

I even had the opportunity to create a memorial piece for a clients heart dog. I placed some of her ashes inside the glass cabochon and what came out brought tears to my eyes. So much symbolism in what was created.

Ghost Flower Sunrise

The flower bloom usually comes out a bit more purple, more pronounced but this one is softer, more shadowy. It’s like a ghost flower floating in the galaxy. The bright sunny yellow behind the flower is the color produced by the ash inclusion. Amazing! Usually ash will turn a grey or grey green but not this one. It’s a bit of sunrise sunshine coming through to add a smile, hope, peace to the viewer. I’m not gunna lie, this one made me a wee bit emotional.

Here is a sample of this weeks cabochons. The top is “Cosmic Flower” .. The bottom left “Red Hawaiian Flower” Bottom Center “Summer Bouquet” and last “Flaming Blue”

It’s amazing that these little colorful worlds are created by heating bits of crushed glass no bigger than pretzel salt. Each one unique. Each one has it’s own story to tell. A story about how heat mixed with silica, mixed with minerals combines together into a beautiful explosion of color, texture and design. And that is just the beginning of their story. From here they will travel on into the homes and studios of jewelry designers to become a masterpiece. A ring, a pendant, a necklace who knows. But at the end they will bring joy to the wearer. And I get to be a small part of that.

Its a great day indeed!

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