Dive Right In

“Dive Right In The Waters Fine” is the title of a glass sculpture I made for The Flow Magazine many years ago. She lives in my private collection. I’m pretty sure the PDF Tutorial is still available on their website.

Flamework Glass Swimmer Sculpture
Dive Right In… Flamework Glass Sculpture

The waves or curl forms you see on the bottom were new forms I used in this sculpture. For reasons I can’t remember I stopped using them and moved onto something else, but recently I found myself looking at some of these older sculptures and incorporating the curls back into something new.

The seahorses above have curls backing them adding a fresh new dimension in a contemporary design. I think seahorse lend themselves very nicely to a clean, fun look. Or at least my version. I love the flowing mane, that might be my favorite part to work on. The glass flows smooth as butter creating dynamic shapes. The possibilities for these are endless.

Aqua + Mystery Flamework Glass Ornament

You can find these and more on my website MorningLightGlass.com … In the meantime here’s a quick 2 minute video with some seahorses

Have an Amazing Day!

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If You Want To See Things You've Never Seen Before, You Must Be Prepared To Do Things You've Never Done Before ~Graham Cooke

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