Water Inspired Art Glass

In my last blog I talked about being on a mission to reevaluate my life, art & happiness. Giving away what is no longer useful to me. Making room for new Inspiration. It’s funny how once you let go of things that are no longer life giving, new designs, offers and ideas come your way. Once I dropped what was in my hand, holding me back I received an email from a magazine about doing an article. My mind started to flood with fresh ideas. I received the coolest commission that fit exactly into where I wanted to go.


This commission inspired me to search out a way to create “flesh tones” in glass. I’ve always just used clear glass or white for the skin on my divers. Their wet suits provided enough color that it wasn’t critical to use anything different. But with only a pink bikini she would have disappeared into the green spirals of the background so I had to find a nice color to use. Flesh Tones are not readily available to purchase, but I did find a Youtube video from 2019 on Torch Talk with David Kaminski demonstrating how to mix N.S. Star White, N.S. Canary & N.S. Cherry together to get this wonderful skin color. It’s a lot of work hand blending. A lot of heating, twisting and folding. And when you think you’ve done that enough.. do it some more to get a nice even smooth color. Then pull it into rods.

This free diver beauty was made from a photo my client sent. Based on the colors and position in the photo I set off to make this sculpture. One of the most fascinating things I find about glass is it always comes together differently than you expect. The glass kind of decides what it wants to be and how it wants to form. I personally enjoy that part. I love to be surprised. So I sketch a design, pick out some colors and start working. It evolves as we go along.

I love the way she evolved!! I couldn’t be more thrilled at her design and I know I will be exploring more of this style throughout the year.

There are so many possibilities just waiting to be discovered, or at least that is the expectant kind of joy I’m feeling right now! Keep watching for more “Water Inspired Sculpture“, & “Flower Girls” these two will be a recurring themes for me in 2021 as I explore new hues in glass, and sculptural form.

“By Doing What You Love, You Inspire & Awaken The Hearts Of Others” – Unknown

I like to think that by following my dreams somehow it would inspire and awaken the hearts of others. That would Awesome! I hope your in a position to do what you love and love what you do!

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If You Want To See Things You've Never Seen Before, You Must Be Prepared To Do Things You've Never Done Before ~Graham Cooke

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